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My name is Ashlynn Warf but everybody calls me Puddin and I am originally from Oklahoma. My husband and I met in 2005 while we both were attending Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC. I was in the Baking and Pastry program and my husband was a Culinary Arts student; he also received his Bachelor's degree in Foodservice Management.


I knew immediately that I wanted to start my own business...but I didn't know how!  The only things that we were sure of is that this process wasn't going to be quick or easy!  We knew that we couldn't afford a store front and decided that one of our long-term goals was to build a catering truck...but we still had to have a health inspected kitchen to work out of?!?


Initially, there were alot of the proverbial hoops to jump through but the health inspector worked very closely with us and one of the many reasons that we were able to do this is because my husband and I have many industry certifications including being state certified Culinary Arts instructors and ServSafe certified Managers, Instructors, and Proctors. After lots of requests and tons of paperwork we were approved to begin renovations to turn our upstairs into a commercial kitchen.  


Puddin's Cakes and Catering LLC became official on September 19, 2013 and the upstairs of our home became a commercial kithcen! We have our business license, health inspection, resale permit, and of course a tax ID.  


In 2008 after graduation we moved back home to Virginia where my husband grew up and he was offered a job as a Culinary Arts school teacher at the local junior high. The opportunity quickly came for him to teach at the high school and I was hired to be his replacement. I loved my job but after three years of teaching my position was done away with due to school consoldiation in an effort to cut the annual budget.

When my husband and I purchased our home the previous owners had rented out the top and bottom of the house separately.  The upstairs is a mother-in-law suite that has its' own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, etc. So we called our local health inspector, who has been a blessing to work with, to find out what the options of starting an all delivery-based catering business from home were. 

We officially began remodeling in September of 2012 and were given a long list of things to do by our health inspector! And after a year of hard work that included finding commercial equipment that would fit into our unique space, constantly working with the health inspector, the fire marshall, the building and planning department, electricians, and the best plumbing and drywall guys in the business we called for our final inspection.