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At Puddin's Cakes and Catering we are excited about any and all new opportunities   and the chance to work with new customers. So, if you have any questions about what you do see on our website or any ideas about what you don't, then please don't hestiate to contact Puddin today and discuss your foodservice needs.


Puddin's Cakes and Catering offers all of her made from scratch products to our commercial customers at a discount as compared to the regular selling price. Please contact Puddin today for more details!



Puddin's Cakes and Catering is excited to to offer gluten-free baked goods and sweets & treats!  Puddin herself is a celiac, so we understand that living gluten-free can be both difficult and expensive and it is our goal as a company to offer our customers made from scratch goodies that are both delicious and affordable. Just look for the  throughout the website to see what we offer gluten-free and if you have any questions please don't hestiate to contact Puddin.



*Please be aware that gluten-free items are prepared in the same kitchen/preparation areas that items containing flour are made.  However, Puddin's Cakes and Catering takes all necessary precautions to ensure that there is no cross-contact between items.

Cupcake Decorating Parties

No event is too big or small to enjoy Puddin's delicious cupcakes!  We cater birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and any events that need an excuse to get good people together. We will happily pair frosting colors, sprinkles, toppings, and creative novelties to match the theme of your event. Just let Puddin know the details of your party when booking.


Standard Birthday Party Package

- Party length is one hour.

- Four cupcakes per person with a box to carry their creations home.

- Choice of two cupcakes and two frostings per party.

- Included with each party package:

  • A personalized apron for the birthday child 
  • Aprons for all participants that can be taken home 
  • A traditional, made from scratch celebration cake

- Party packages can be customized to your needs; just contact Puddin today.

* Any child under the age of five may require extra supervision.



- Yellow

- White

- Chocolate

- Red Velvet

- Fresh Lemon

- Fresh Strawberry Puree



- Vanilla Buttercream

- Chocolate Buttercream

- Fresh Strawberry Puree Buttercream

- Cream Cheese

- Chocolate Ganache


Edible Image

Puddin's Cakes & Catering offers freshly baked cakes and desserts with personalized, edible images. For no additional charge, we can transfer any image that you would like onto your custom designed cake or dessert. Just email us your photo or tell us your theme and we will find the perfect image for your dessert today.

Also, are you a local baker or cake decorator looking for an edible image for your cake or dessert!? Then please call Puddin's Cakes and Catering today to discuss your needs!